Pension Reform HB 43 Press Release


Former City Councilman, Representative Jarvis Johnson, unable to vote on controversial HB 43 (SB 2190) - Proposed City of Houston Pension Reform

Austin, Texas (May 8, 2021) - House Bill 43 or Senate Bill 2190 , the City of Houston Pension Reform Bill, was introduced on the House Floor on Monday, May 8th. The proposed legislation will recalculate the city’s pension payments, using a lower investment return assumption. The legislation seeks to address the City’s $8.1 million pension shortfall and aims to retire the debt in full within 30 years.

Representative Johnson, a former three-term City Councilman for Houston, was unable to participate in the vote due to House Rule 5, Section 42 (Conflict of Interest Clause);

“Any member who has a personal or private interest in any measure or bill proposed or pending before the house shall disclose the fact and not vote thereon.”

As a former City Councilman, Representative Johnson receives a pension through the very same fund this legislation aims to amend, and therefore, could not in good conscience or by rule participate in the vote.

“Although I was unable to take part in this critical legislation,” stated Representative Johnson, ” I will continue to fight for the best interest of the City of Houston, our community, and all of those who live in it through efforts aimed at increasing economic development, support for our senior citizens, and both education and criminal justice reform.”

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