January 23, 2021……Houston, Texas On Saturday January 20, 2018, State Representative Jarvis Johnson held his annual State of the District Breakfast at Luby’s, where over 100 constituents engaged in a wonderful, delicious breakfast. The event started on time with eager seniors leading the way, and of course, Representative Johnson ensured they among the first served. Each attendee was able to share a candid moment with their State Representative, and many were given the opportunity for a reunion with old friends.

Saturday morning was no ordinary morning. What started out as a breakfast meeting for the people accomplished several objectives. It was a welcoming event with two hours full of laughter, socializing, and catching up with friends, some of whom had not seen each other in over 50 years. State Representative Jarvis Johnson was on hand to greet and visit constituents individually at their table, which provided him with the opportunity to gain insight into what the people were thinking and feeling, as well as answer any questions. 

State Representative Jarvis Johnson is not on the job training, he served District 139 as the City Councilman for District B. This provided him with insight and unique understanding of how to serve the people from the ground up and engage them on all levels. Upon election by the people, he promised to provide his constituents with a voice in Austin and to address those issues that were having the largest impact on those who are most vulnerable.  He revisited the promises he made one year ago as well as the actions he took to fulfill these promises through the Bills he authored, co-authored, sponsored, and joint sponsored during the 85th legislative session, many of which will directly affect people in the district he serves.  His constituents recognized he worked across party lines to get some very challenging goals accomplished. Additionally, he made history as Freshman Representative by accomplishing the passage of 19 out of 49 bills, which no other Freshman Representative has done.  He took with him, his knowledge, education, experiences, tenacity, interest, concerns, personality, and drive, which provided him with the tools to make some significant changes for the next session and into the future.  

State Representative Jarvis Johnson upcoming events: 

Friday February 9, from 10:30am-1:00p Mardi Gras and Valentine’s day Celebration for seniors 60+, including a costume contest, food, dancing, socializing, and much more, will be held at the Acres Home Multi-Serve Center 6719 West Montgomery Rd., please RSVP (phone number)

February 17, 2021 his 2nd Annual Job Fair will be held at Fallbrook Church, 12512 Walters Rd, open to the public, no matter who you, if you need a job, you need to be here. Last year over 650 people attended the job fair with 55 vendors. This year people will be given an opportunity to get hired on the spot. So come interview ready to get a job!

Lastly, the  Jarvis Johnson Youth Task Force(JJYTF) for school age youth, the Advance Student Leaders for college students, and Community Action Team for adult volunteers can begin signing up online. 

Learn how to get involved in your community’s solutions now. For more information on the activities, events, go to the website or call the local office:  Daysi Marin or Tonia Wells (713)699-3043.

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State Representative Jarvis Johnson

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