Jarvis Johnson has dedicated his life to making a difference in the lives of those around him. As a community organizer, entrepreneur, strategist, consultant, and developer he has worked for positive change that empowers the community and improves the lives of its citizens. For over 30 years, he has found opportunities to engage the community and local business to create a successful society that works for everyone.

He attended Texas Southern University, where despite his age, he offered himself as a role model and source of support for other young people. While attending TSU, Johnson accepted the position Executive Director for the Phoenix Outreach Youth Center. Not content to serve Houston alone, Johnson joined the International Traveling Classroom -taking students on college tours around the United States, while focusing on education and business opportunities. Johnson’s numerous contributions as a student were recognized, and he later received Texas Southern University President’s Award. Johnson graduated from TSU in 1996 with his BS in Speech Communication with an emphasis on Interpersonal Communication. Following graduation, he accepted the position as Regional Director for the National DARE Plus Program, focusing his efforts on supporting local communities and keeping teens engaged in education.

In 2005, Jarvis Johnson was elected to the Houston City Council to serve District B, making him one of the youngest Council Members in history. By negotiating development within his district, Johnson was able to ensure people from the local community were hired, while also injecting the district with economic activity from new projects. As a Council Member he secured a $3.5 million federal grant to establish a performing arts precinct for TSU in the 5th ward. His efforts were recognized both within Houston and at the national level. From the Houston Business Connection, Ebony, Black Enterprise, and Rolling Stone, the media has taken notice of Jarvis Johnson’s record of service.

Since being elected to serve in May of 2016, Representative Jarvis Johnson has focused on creating opportunities for District 139. His regular job fairs have introduced 45 companies to 650 community members; his Hawaiian Luaus have allowed over 350 senior citizens to voice their concerns in a Town Hall style meeting. He has also advocated for community engagement through the creation of the District 139 Youth Task Force, the Business Source Task Force, and the District 139 Student Internship Program. Additionally, in honor of the diversity of District 139, Representative Johnson hosts classes on both English as a second language, and Spanish.

During the 85th legislative session, Representative Johnson focused his legislative efforts on criminal and juvenile justice reform, enhancing Texas’ public education system, increasing opportunities and protections for Texas’ youth and senior citizens, strengthening police accountability, and addressing mental health needs across the state.

During his first year in the Texas House, Representative Johnson was appointed to serve on the House Urban Affairs Committee; addressing problems and issues particularly affecting our state’s metropolitan areas, and all matters pertaining to the creation, organization, powers, government, and finance for the state’s various and diverse municipalities. Additionally, Representative Johnson was appointed to serve on the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee, which has continued to address important matters pertaining to law enforcement, community safety, systematic discrimination, gun control, crime prevention, disaster preparedness and response, and the defense of the state and the nation.

Representative Johnson is a proven business owner, who places great emphasis on employing members of the community. He is a native Houstonian and the father of two beautiful children. Nalyah, 18 and Jarvis II, 15.

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