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Residents of Acres Homes,

First, I want to thank the residents of Acres Homes for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend the public hearing on October 22nd and making their voices heard. Over 100 people attended the hearing, many of which stood up and provided their comment to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). This is not the first time Soto Ready Mix, Inc. has applied for a permit to operate a concrete batch plant in our community. Our efforts were successful with halting their previous permit; the overwhelming opposition prompted TCEQ to further examine the permit, and discovered Soto Ready Mix, Inc. did not own a portion of the land the proposed concrete batch plant would operate. Regrettably, we learned at the October 22 Public hearing, Soto Ready Mix, has in fact acquired more land, expanding their operation across T C Jester Blvd.

The next steps to stop Soto Ready Mix, from operating on 3411 De Soto street is a contested case hearing. The period to request a contested hearing is closed, but TCEQ received many requests from affected residents, and from myself and Senator Whitmire. Unfortunately, Texas State statute does not require TCEQ to approve the request for a contested case hearing.

TCEQ is currently reviewing all public comments given, including those given at the hearing, and those submitted online. TCEQ is also currently reviewing the contested case hearing requests, and will notify the public if the request is granted.

Meanwhile, my office is working diligently to explore more options to stop this concrete batch plant. We are working closely with advocates to strategize how to stop Soto Ready Mix, Inc. from operating in Acres Homes. Please contact my Legislative Director, Katelyn Caldwell at or by phone at 512-463-0554 with any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

State Representative Jarvis Johnson | District 139


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