HB 2619 Engrossment Passage Press Release

Landmark Criminal Justice and Mental Health Reform, House Bill 2619, Passes to Engrossment, May 9th, 2017

Austin, Texas (May 9, 2021)… Representative Helen Giddings’ House Bill 2619, joint authored by Representative Jarvis Johnson, passed the Texas House of Representatives on Tuesday, May 9th. This landmark legislation will create a mental health grant program through the Governor’s Criminal Justice Division for Law Enforcement Officers across the state. The grant funds will be eligible to pay for counseling services, skills training for department personnel for providing such services, and evaluation of implemented programs or practices.

“Police officers are some of the most mentally and physically fit members of the community,’ stated Representative Johnson, ‘but we cannot expect them to be superhuman. On a daily basis, officers carry the burden of dealing with human pain, trauma, and death on behalf of our community. They deserve our continued support in bearing that burden.”

This much needed legislation will now be sent to the Senate for a final vote.

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