HB374 Press Release

Houston Law Makers Johnson and Miles Join Forces with Governor Abbott to Enact Major Education Reform Law

Austin, Texas (May 19, 2017)… Freshmen member Representative Johnson has spent the 85th legislative session fighting for more opportunities for our youth – in both education and securing quality employment post-graduation. With overwhelming bi-partisan support, Johnson’s House Bill 374, companion to Senator Borris Mile’s SB 2105, which requires the Texas Workforce Commission to provide information on all Career Technology Education (CTE) partnership opportunities with business and industry, and professional development and learning opportunities (e.g. internships, mentorships, summer programs, afterschool programs and career-based student leadership opportunities) available regionally, has been signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott.

Rather than generalized classes that teach basic construction, H.B.374/ S.B. 2105 allows for programs tailored to the industries located in each individual community – increasing realistic CTE opportunities for students across the state and the incentive for local school districts and industries to partner together. These students will be given the specialized training they need to prepare them for entry into high-paying, skilled occupations.

“Now, more than ever before, we must empower the next generation with more than just ideas or expectations. We must provide them with tangible opportunities,” explains State Representative Johnson. “House Bill 374 and Senate Bill 2105 are the first step in making us accountable for not only providing the opportunities, but presenting the opportunities and then ultimately changing lives by not only telling our children to dream big, but gifting them with the resources to make their dreams become realities. I greatly appreciate the support this legislation gained in the House and Senate, as well as the support of the Governor. I look forward to seeing the positive outcomes this educational reform law yields for Texas’ youth.”

This legislation will go into effect September 1st, 2017

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