932 Passage Press Release

Representative Jarvis Johnson and Senator Royce West successfully pass legislation to track

Texas’ Foster Care to Juvenile Justice Pipeline


Austin, Texas (May 18, 2017)… With 144 “aye” votes in the House of Representatives and unanimous support in the Senate, Representative Jarvis Johnson’s House Bill 932, sponsored by Senator Royce West, has been sent to Governor Greg Abbott for the last and final signature.

Recognizing that the abuse and neglect that results in a child’s involvement with Child Protective Services can also lead to involvement with the Juvenile Justice Department, Rep. Johnson filed HB 932; which seeks to track the percentage of youth in the juvenile justice system who have had previous contact with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Upon intake, TJJD will be required to determine the extent of the child’s DFPS involvement. No later than January 31st of each even numbered year, the department will prepare and submit a report summarizing statistical information concerning the total number and percentage of children in the custody of TJJD who have been involved with the foster care system. In addition, this legislation requires that the local juvenile probation departments collaborate with DFPS to formulate a method by which probation departments can access probationer’s CPS involvement data to ensure effective and trauma-informed rehabilitative efforts are in place.

“The children in CPS deserve our attention and our firm commitment to ensuring they have every opportunity we each want for our own children,” stated Rep. Johnson. “This accountability procedure will allow us to deepen our understanding of the extent of this issue in Texas and begin contemplating what future steps we must take to address it.”

Upon signature, HB 932 will go into effect September 1, 2017.


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