SB 2082 Press Release

Rep. Jarvis Johnson, Rep. Travis Clardy, and Sen. Larry Taylor 

joined forces to pass vital educational reform bill  SB 2082 

Houston, Texas (May 18, 2017)… In a bipartisan effort, Representative Jarvis Johnson joined forces with Senator Larry Taylor and Representative Travis Clardy to pass Senate Bill 2082, increasing opportunities for Texas’ youth.

SB 2082, which received passage in both the House (May 17, 2017) and Senate (May 5, 2017), creates a work-study student mentorship program administered by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for Texas students enrolled at participating eligible institutions.

Following research-driven best practice from across the country, HB 2082 provides peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities for incoming college and university students. Well-adjusted upperclassmen will be able to assist their younger peers to increase both academic and personal success. The mentors will serve as classroom liaisons between students and their faculty instructors. Evidence has shown all aspects of undergraduate students’ development is effected by their peer group. “The student peer group is the single most potent source of influence on the growth and development during the undergraduate years,” stated Representative Johnson. “It is crucial students work together to reach the extent of their potential.”

SB 2082 will play a vital role in assisting the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in achieving its goal of awarding degrees and certifications to 60 percent of Texans by the year 2030. The work-study mentorship initiative gives Texas institutions the necessary tools needed to increase first-time in college fall-to-fall retention and graduation rates.

Education has been a key focus for Representative Jarvis Johnson during the 85th legislative session. This particular bill parallels another of Rep. Johnson’s sponsorships, SB 2105, and his own House Bill 374. “Now, more than ever, we must empower the next generation with more than just ideas or expectations. We must provide them with tangible opportunities,” explains State Representative Johnson. “Senate Bill 2082 is the first step in holding us accountable for not only providing the opportunities, but actually presenting the opportunities. Ultimately, we are changing lives by not only telling our children to dream big, but gifting them with the resources to make their dreams become realities.”

Upon signature, SB 2082 will go into effect September 1, 2017.

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